Tern UAS

Tern UAS is a company based in Brunswick Maine.

The company was founded in 2020 by father and son, who between then and now have spent the last few years honing their flight skills with drones and photography. As a we have developed our goals have become clear to be a company that provides a complete, comprehensive, and quality service to customers of all types.

We think that drone photography and cinematography are art forms that differ from traditional mediums and perspectives. As one’s point of view is lifted upward, it is important to understand this difference, and to recognize the new perspectives that it provides. Tern UAS seeks to exploit these perspectives by offering more detailed, interesting, and unique products and services to our customers, whatever the purpose or medium may be.

Tern UAS intends to fit to your use case, and your schedule. We can provide services from fast paced video to particular real estate photography. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below.

Our Technology

Tern UAS uses powerful, redundant, and resilient software to handle your most important projects. Tern UAS projects are backed up across 2 different local locations, and in OneDrive in the cloud.

All editing is done using the powerful Adobe Suite of products, which allows us to produce the best version of your deliverable.

Currently Tern UAS flies the Mavic 2 Pro, a multi-use UAV with 4k30 video capability, 20 MP 10-bit color photos, all on a stunning 1 inch CMOS sensor.

The on board GPS, combined with our WebODM instance can also provide rudimentary mapping capabilities.